This isn’t the first blog post we planned for The Secret Fitting Room when we created our new website earlier this year. We expected our first online shop to launch this autumn for all things bridal and beautiful, and not hand-sewn fabric face masks. All our lives have dramatically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of our lives have already changed forever with the loss of loved ones.

Fabric face masks for charity

As a non-essential business, The Secret Fitting Room has temporarily closed due to the UK lockdown. In the meantime, we wanted to use our professional sewing skills to help other people during this strange and stressful time. Therefore, we have launched a temporary online shop selling fabric face masks, dedicated to raising funds for the World Health Organisation.

You can find our temporary shop dedicated to fabric face masks at

About hand-sewn face masks

Should you be wearing a hand-sewn face mask? There is not a definite answer from the experts. Something everyone seems agreed upon is that wearing a fabric face mask is not a substitute for social distancing and regular hand washing.

We think this article (dated 4 April 2020) from Wired is extremely helpful in summarising the current evidence and advice around fabric face masks. This information, of course, may change. For now, wearing a hand-sewn fabric face mask is a personal choice.

Wearing a fabric face mask is more likely to act as a courtesy to others by helping to prevent you from spreading any potential coronavirus infection. They are perhaps less likely to protect the wearer from coronavirus infection. But there is no real evidence either way so the scientific jury is still out on the subject.

Important information

We are not stating that anyone has to wear a face mask in the current climate. Nor do we make any medical claims about them. Any customer wearing a fabric face mask produced by The Secret Fitting Room does so at their own risk. We simply want to offer our services for anybody who wishes to purchase face masks for personal use. It is our way to use our skills in a practical way to help during the pandemic. We are offering our face masks to nursing homes for free,  just a donation if possible to cover postage and material.

Our fabric face masks have been produced following Good Housekeeping’s published guidelines which follows government advice. You can read their information about face masks here

Please follow the World Health Organisation’s information of how to wear your face mask here

For the most up-to-date information on coronavirus, please visit the World Health Organisation, and the UK government website.

You can find our temporary shop dedicated to fabric face masks at

From everyone at The Secret Fitting Room, we hope that you and your family and friends are safe and well. Stay home and protect our NHS. Please stay in touch via Instagram, Facebook or contact us at