Terms and Conditions


  1. An estimated price will be given for all alterations at your first dress fitting appointment. 50% of payment will be taken at the first fitting appointment and payment in full must be made at the second fitting appointment.
  2. The final cost may exceed the initial estimate due to, but not limited to, unforeseen complexity, increases in cost of materials or other factors beyond the control of The Secret Fitting Room Ltd.
  3. The balance of payment is to be made in full, either by cash, debit or credit card at your second fitting appointment.


  1. Please arrive on time for your appointment. Missed appointments will be charged at £30 per hour. (CAN THE client PROVIDE X Notice CANCELLATION without incurring a charge?)
  2. The Secret Fitting Room Ltd reserves the right to charge an express fee during busy periods. The fee is effective for work requiring completion within two weeks.


  1. Prices, rates and fees are correct at March 2020.
  2. Subsequent price changes will be informed via a separate tariff sheet which will be attached to this proforma.

At your appointment

  1. You are welcome to bring one person with you for each fitting. This restriction is due to the space and practicalities when fitting your dress.
  2. Please bring the underwear you intend to wear on your wedding day to your first, and subsequent fittings. If the dress needs to be shortened, the shoes you intend to wear with the dress must be bought. If this is not possible, please bring shoes of the same height. In both cases please note that your signature on your alterations agreement is acceptance that the hem length, as pinned, is correct.
  3. Please wear minimal makeup to avoid soiling your dress.


  1. Please allow six to eight weeks for The Secret Fitting Room Ltd to carry out your alterations. The Secret Fitting Room Ltd will however, do the utmost to accommodate your timescale.
  2. The customer must accept that individual’s weight and body size can change significantly during the alteration period and that if this is the case, further alterations may be required at second and subsequent fittings. The cost of further alterations due to body size or weight change will be met by you, the client.
  3. If your wedding dress is being dropped off, collected by or paid for by anyone other than the bride/owner of the dress, please inform The Secret Fitting Room Ltd in advance.

Insurance and Liability

  1. The Secret Fitting Room Ltd has limited insurance. If you require full protection you should cover your wedding dress on your personal household or wedding insurance. The Secret Fitting Room Ltd will take the utmost care of your garments; however, all items are left with The Secret Fitting Room Ltd at your own risk.
  2. On the final collection you will be required to sign an inspection form stating that you have inspected your dress fully and are satisfied with the work that has been completed.
  3. Should you require dress aftercare repairs to be carried out on a dress, repairs will be completed on your dress as discussed in consultation with Jennifer French, managing director of The Secret Fitting Room Ltd or one of The Secret Fitting Room team. Repairs will be stated in a separate repair agreement.
  4. All payments are final. We do not offer refunds of re-sell dresses on your behalf if you change your mind.